To Question
My inquiry started a long time ago. As a child I asked my parents about why certain cultural forms were as they are; how did we come about creating such ways of relating to each other and the world we lived in? This inquiry became more important as I realized how our old traditions have become uncomfortable with the globalized and industrial modernity.

During my MA in Ecological Design Thinking at Schumacher College, I was given the opportunity to explore these questions in depth. Under the guidance of powerful supervisors and amazing teachers, I wrote the foundations of my inquiry; a step towards the unfolding of my lifework.

Becoming Woven
Designing Processes into Participatory Stewardship
Becoming Woven is an inquiry into our ecological crisis and its relation to our modern human condition of separateness. It employs the quality of participatory stewardship to engage this identity crisis. We ask how to design our cultural processes in coherence with an expanded sense of home; that of the Earth. We look at designing community processes that continuously cultivate our wisdom of how to come in participation with, not domination of, the Earth’s living systems.

This initial research is congruent with the design of a residency programme for Embercombe, in developing ways of engaging with their questions while finding my ontology of participation as a design practitioner. It also explores the practice of music and sound as an embodied form of participation with people and place to inspire and inform the work.